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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Surprise your feet with a Lucky Backpack this holiday season! Grab 3 Suelas footwear for only P1,500!

In the spirit of giving, Suelas has created the Lucky Backpack! They got the idea from the Japanese New Year Tradition of Fukuburoko where merchants sell mystery bags filled with unknown random contents at a substantial discount. Suelas' Lucky Backpacks are labeled according to size. Each backpack contains 3 mystery pairs of Suelas footwear! The bag itself is also a goodie! Check out their signature "World at my feet" drawstring bag:

Sample Lucky Backpack in Size 7. [From: Suelas website]
You're getting 4 Suelas items (and 1 bonus item. Read on to find out what it is!) for the price of 1,500 PHP! Suelas says it could be worth 3,200 to  5,000 PHP a bag!

I ordered mine last Dec 15th and it arrived yesterday (23rd). Before anything else, I'd like to share a lesson I learned: If you're using your browser's auto-fill, always double check before you hit send!

The address I provided didn't have the city and zipcode. Fortunately for me Cristina Cervantes of Suelas emailed me to ask my full shipping address. If not for her, my Lucky Backpack would have been shipped to the province instead of in Metro Manila! Fastrack called me last 22nd too. I informed them that the address is an office and the holiday break starts on the 23rd. There would be no one to receive the item. So they asked for my house address and promised to deliver it the next day. Aaand here it is:

The bagtag is the bonus item! Mine doesn't have a size labeling on it, but all the pairs I received are in the correct size.
World at my feet from Suelas
I usually ask for an OR when I purchase online. Some online sellers forget or simply cannot provide an official receipt. I wasn't able to ask for it when I ordered, but Suelas sent it with my package anyway! Suelas is totally legit guys!
Official Receipt

Lucky Backpack from Suelas

Please excuse my dog! She didn't want to get out of the way! ;)

What I got from left to right:
Monet 1,050 PHP
Cavi 950 PHP (currently on sale for 700) 
Manejo Print 1,000 PHP (currently on sale for 700)

All pairs are from the 2014 collections. 2 out of 3 pairs are currently on sale. All of them are love! The value is already around 2,450 PHP which doesn't include the drawstring bag and the free bag tag! I was charged a shipping fee of 100 PHP.

Full disclosure: This isn't the first time I ordered from Suelas. But I'll have to admit it's been too long since the last one. My first few orders were: a Brogue Grey, and the second one was for a Python Patches! This was waaay back in 2010!

What I liked about it
+Free Bagtag
+Suelas footwear are foldable! Check it out:

Folded Monet [Pic from Suelas]
Folded Cavi [Pic from Suelas]
Folded Manejo Print [Pic from Suelas]
+Reusable Bag 
+Philippine-made product.

That said, here's my only feedback about this order and it's about the World at my feet bag. It would have been awesome if the map actually had the Philippines on it right? Regardless, I am happy that I now have cute drawstring bag! Other than that, all the women in my family are 100% happy with this order! This promo is simply purrrfect since there's 3 of us and we all have the same shoe size! ^____^ Only limited Lucky Backpacks are available though! You can order it online at, or buy one at the Suelas HQ in Jupiter.

Before I go, here's a tip:

If you need, you can apply for a Size Exchange:
Only the following conditions will be accommodated for size exchanges:
1. We are notified on the same day you receive the item
2. Additional shipping charges in connection to the exchange will be on the customer’s account
3. Exchange requests for colors will NOT be accepted
To avoid that, please refer to their Size Guide. If you need help with measuring your feet, here's a WikiHow Guide: How to Find Your Shoe Size.


204 Dona Consolacion Bldg, 122 Jupiter Street,
Salcedo Village Makati


Monday, December 14, 2015

Shopee PH Review - How to Order

I've been using Shopee PH for a while now. Found out about the app through one of the Fb pages I follow: GWYSHOP. This post would be a general "How To" guide on how to use the service. If you want to just dive in and try out the app yourself, download the app: HERE.
How to Shop:

Browse the Shopee Mall and choose an item for sale

Info about the seller and the item are provided on the item's page.

You can also see comments posted by other buyers and the seller's replies.

Shopee also lists similar items on the bottom of the page which are not necessarily from the same seller.
View all comments
When you click "Buy Now" you only choose the quantity of the item.

Checkout page. Here is also where you should apply discount codes.

Finalize chekout: Address, Shipping, Payment, Confirmation


If the seller doesn't offer free shipping, this is where you choose the shipping method you prefer.

Payment method.
If you're familiar with Dragonpay. Buying from Shopee is similar. I personally used the BPI app to pay for my orders. Take note that it takes 1-2 days to process and confirm your payment. For me it almost always took 2 days.
Here's a sample from one of my orders. If you pay through the BPI or Metrobank app, you can send a screenshot instead.
Once you pay for your order, the seller has a set number of days to ship your item. This will vary per order and will be indicated in the order details. When you receive your order you will have to go to the "To Receive" tab and confirm the receipt of your item so that Shopee can release your payment to the seller.
Under the Me tab, if you click on My Purchases you can track your orders which are conveniently categorized into To Pay, To Ship, To Receive, Completed, Cancelled, and Return / Refund.

Here's what my Completed tab looks  

Shopee keeps detailed info on every single order. You can see when I ordered, payment time, delivery time and completion times.

Aaand that's all there is to it!

PROs and CONs

+Since I registered a couple of months ago, more and more of the local Fb shops I follow are registering on Shopee.

Use all the codes! (jk you obvs just use one at a time)
+Because Shopee is generous when it comes to giving out discount codes. Most of the shops I follow post their items on Shopee for around 10-20% less compared to their prices on their Fb shops! WHAT SAVINGS!

+That, coupled with the Shopee Guarantee is a win-win for both buyers and sellers. What is the Shopee Guarantee?

Shopee protects you by holding your payment until you confirm that you have received your goods. The payment is then released to the seller. 

That's definitely something that Fb shops cannot offer. For more details, please read the FAQ HERE.

+Like most e-shopping apps, Shopee has a website. As a buyer, you can browse the Shopee Mall. As a seller, you can go to the Seller Centre. I haven't tried using the website version of Shoppe so I can't give you feedback about it. If you try it though, please share your experience in the comments section below!

-Faulty Notifications
It seems that the app doesn't have push notifications. You only receive a notification about unread messages when you open the app. After several updates since I ordered, it's still broken!
I didn't receive the notification until I opened up the app!

-If you noticed above, when you click Buy Now, you can only choose the quantity of the item. There's still no system for the buyer to choose what color/design/size to buy.

TIP: While the app indicates how many items the seller has in stock, you should make it a habit to confirm with the seller first before ordering.

-No Categories available when viewing individual shops. The only sorting used is that the Out of Stock items are at the end of the page. Other than that, there's no way to filter or sort the seller's items.

The seller's page lists all items without categories.

Compared to when you browse the Shopee Mall:

Basic Categories

Extended categories page
Shopee replies to some reviews posted on it's Play Store page. They are claiming they're working on these issues. I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath. At least I can confirm that it works on Android's Marshmallow update! Unlike other apps... *cough

Overall, Shopee is a solid app and all of my Fb stores should be on it! ;p The Shopee Guarantee saves me the trouble of setting up a meetup, and/or the anxiety of wondering if I'll ever receive my items or if the seller ran away with my hard-earned money!

This might be first of my Shopee entries. I have a few purchases that I could post a review of. 'Til next time!

Have you tried Shopee yet? What's your favorite shop? Post your comments and suggestions below!