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Friday, June 20, 2014

Independence Day with the Chicas at Egg-it (Part II)

Next stop for our Independence Day foodtrip was Egg-it. I saw Egg-it on my Facebook Newsfeed courtesy of the night before. As it turns out, this waffle shop is just next door to Pomodoro Pizza!
Egg-it Menu

You know how it feels when you ask your server about the menu and they reply in a tone that sounds like: "why don't you just order already?" You won't get treated that way at Egg-it. Service is excellent! The staff was friendly and accommodating. We had a lot of questions about their menu items and they were more than happy to answer. They even asked to take a photo of us and posted it on their Instagram.
For 2-in-1 flavors add 20 Php
2-in-1 Reese's and Bananutella (110 Php)
2-in-1 Mango Caramel and Bananutella (110 PhpPhoto Courtesy of Joyce
None of us have tried Hong Kong Style waffles so this our first time. The pancake itself tastes all right and it was fluffy even though it was made into bubbles. The best thing about Egg-it waffles is that their toppings to pancake ratio is good! I didn't find myself finishing off topping-less pancake bubbles. 

Bill came in this tin
Things to note:

Just like at Pomodoro Pizza, Egg-it didn't issue usSales Invoice either. Then again, we didn't ask for one. Always ask for a receipt!

Would eat again?

Yes! I'd like to go back and try their savory egg-it waffle flavor: Black Pepper Spam with Cheese and new menu item: quesadillas. (I should've taken a picture of the poster. Apologies!)

6F San Rafael St. cor Sta. Rosa St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Store Hours: MON to SAT from 8:30 AM - 9:30 PM

Friday, June 13, 2014

Independence Day with the Chicas at Pomodoro Pizza (Part I)

Pomodoro Pizza Menu
My friends, Joyce and Pauline, and I went out last Independence Day on another food trip. First stop: Pomodoro Pizza!

Saw Pomodoro Pizza mentioned as a comment on a post about restaurants to visit in Kapitolyo.

Pomodoro Kitchen
The Pizza
12" House Special (170 Php)
If you love cheesy pizzas like we do, you'll love the House Special. Pauline is a fan of thin crust pizzas, and she especially liked that the dough was thin and chewy and not the usual thin and crispy.

The Pasta
Pesto with Italian Chicken (109 Php) - Photo Courtesy of Joyce
Bataan Tinapa Pasta (109 Php) - Photo Courtesy of Joyce
We all thought the pastas lacked flavor. Both were a little dry. Their serving size is good for one person only. Here are pictures so you can see how much pasta there was on a plate:

Pesto with Italian Chicken
Bataan Tinapa Pasta
Homemade Iced Tea (30 Php)
The Homemade Iced Tea was cold and refreshing, but it was also bland.

The bill came in a cute shopping cart!
Things to note:

We weren't issued a Sales Invoice. Then again, we didn't ask for one. Always ask for a receipt!

Would eat again?

I'll probably skip on the pasta and drinks, but if I'm in the area I'll definitely order pizza.

Pomodoro Pizza
6G San Rafeal cor Sta Rose St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Store Hours: MON to SUN from 10 AM - 10 PM
Phone: (+63) 927 589 4426 

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Trippy Customs Shop Review

Hi! I'm back with another Online Shop Review. Here we go!

The Loot

Shirts and Mouse Pad

Trippy Customs

Trippy Customs sells customized shirts, mouse pads, mugs, and lanyards. If you don't have anything particular in mind, they also have designs available. They started out with League of Legends themed shirts. They now have TV show ones like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.


The shop had a promo earlier this year: Trippy Customs January Freebies, Pick, Like and Share! I entered and chose this design:
Shirt Code: DianaLeona
Congratulations to the winners! That unfortunately didn't include moi. So I ordered it! Ordering from Trippy Customs is pretty easy. You can either text, Facebook message, or email them. It would be best if you have the Shirt Code, t-shirt size and color of the shirt/s you want to order before contacting them. This makes it easier for both parties.

Back when I ordered this was the measuring guide they had:

Shirt Measurements
When I got my shirt, it was too tight! When I was talking with one of the coordinators, we settled for the women's shirt that should fit exactly according to the shirt measurements. The shirt material was stretchy but...

Here's a tip for the ladies: don't underestimate your bewbage!

Wrong Size DianaLeona
Wrong Size Poro Puffs
Apologies for the picture quality. Might seem like it fits fine, but it's really too small.

Anyway, I'm glad Trippy Customs allowed me to return my shirt and exchange it for a unisex one. If you read their Terms & Conditions, they only allow returns for damaged items and will only replace products once. So make sure you get your size right!

They uploaded an updated sizing chart. Check it out:

Sizing chart

One can argue this shirt too big, but it's a hell of a lot more comfortable to wear than the first batch I got. Rolling up the sleeves would fix the arm length issue.

DianaLeona unisex
Mouse pad

Trippy Customs also makes customized mouse pads. I ordered one for my brother. They had a few designs to choose from, but  he chose the League of Legends official Team Builder artwork:

Official Art
Mouse pad (100 Php)
Mouse pad (Back)
My brother expected that the design would fill the entire mouse pad. Other than that, he says the mouse pad quality is better than most within its price range. I'm actually considering ordering one myself because my Dragon War Mousemat is in such a sorry state that I am ashamed to post a picture of it!

Free Swag

If you're wondering about the Poro Puffs design. I actually got it for free! Thanks Trippy Customs!

Poro Puffs unisex

Check out their Facebook Page for more!

Full Disclosure: I know of Trippy Customs because one of the owners, Kiko, is a college friend of mine.

Trippy Customs
Cubao, Quezon City
Contact: (632) 287 5472 and (+63)927 562 6226
Store Hours: MON to SAT 10 AM - 9 PM