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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Where to buy cheap Ball Mason Jars in the Philippines?

Mason Jar 250 mL - Click Image to Close
Mason Jars (Source)
Mason jars have been all the rage lately, but they've been around for quite a while now. And by that, I mean, since the 1800s! They were invented for home canning. But now they're being used for a multitude of things:

Fizz Cocktails
Cocktails (Source)

Salads (Source)
Baked goods (Source)

mason jar DIY hanging herb garden indoor plants
As a plant box bottle (Source)

Event souvenirs
One of the most widely known manufacturer of mason jars is the Ball Corporation.

Where to Buy?

You can always buy mason jars online. There are a few local online specialty shops that sell Ball Mason Jars. However, they either sell it in sets, meaning the jar, the lid and a straw for a lot more than how much it would cost to buy each piece at a wholesale price. Then there are stores that sell the mason jars in sets of 6 and 12, but in order to make a profit they have it at 50% (sometimes higher) markup.

So Where to Buy it Cheap?

At your local Department Store!

Robinsons Place Antipolo opened last month. Went there last Sunday with my mom and my uncle. Inside their Department Store is where I found and bought a Ball 16oz Wide Mouth Pint Jar (69.75 Php) and a Ball 32oz Regular Mouth Quart Jar (89.75 Php). They also had a Quilted Crystal Jelly Jar for around 99 Php and a Ball Heritage Collection Sprng Green Mason Jar for around 130 Php (Can't remember the exact prices! Apologies!).

To compare, if you Google "mason jar philippines" the first few shops sell a 16oz Wide Mouth Pint Jar for 107-140 Php. While a 32oz Regular Mouth Quart Jar goes for around 130-150 Php.

Here are some pics of Danbo with my mason jars:

Ball 16oz Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Ball 32oz Regular Ball Mason Jar

Ball 32oz Regular Ball Mason Jar
I'll update this post with more pictures soon!

Same with my other Where to buy entry, purrlease don't hoard these for reselling! I need a few more! jk :P No srsly! The money we save can go towards buying the stuff to put inside the mason jars!

What do you plan on using mason jars for? Comment below!


  1. Did you make a customise mason jar? :)

  2. No sorry I don't. I currently use my mason jars as storage for my trinkets. But I don't customize and sell them.

  3. sa antipolo pa talga siya meron na mura :( thanks :)

  4. Hi Stephanie! You can try at Robinson's Magnolia. A friend saw Ball Mason Jars sold at the True Value branch there.

    Here's a store finder for True Value: