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Friday, July 17, 2015

How to get "Reversible" Haircolor PART II - Manic Panic Review + Fading Updates

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Since Karei Spa didn't have pink available (at the time), I bought my own vegan hair dye. My temporary dye of choice for this coloring session is Manic Panic:
Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and Purple Haze
This came with my Johnny Air Package from almost year ago. I've opened it when I got them and since they're vegan and contain no chemicals, they're still good to use!

Patch Test

Patch Test - Result
Vegan hair dye is generally safe for everyone, even pets. That said, always do a patch test. You'll be sorry if you don't and you end up reacting to it! Speaking of pets, tried it on my furbaby:

Misha with Manic Panic dipped tail

At Karei Spa - Half and Half color + Underlayer = Tricolor Reversible Haircolor!


Before anything else, there is currently no true reversible haircolor (sorry!) My haircolor is actually an underlayer. It's business on the outside; party on the inside! The trick to having reversible haircolor is in the parting of the hair. See:

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OK, now here are pics of how the color has faded:

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For tips on how to make your color last, check out my post HERE.

Aveeno Active Naturals

I'm currently using Aveeno Active Naturals Pure Renewal sulfate-free shampoo,

Kerasys Perfumed Rinse
and Kerasys Elegance & Sensual Perfumed Rinse. The Kerasys conditioner smells amazing and has no SLS!

Have you tried Manic Panic? How long did your color last? Do you have your own Reversible Haircolor? Post your pic below!

Karei Spa and Wellness Hub
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For a copy of their brochure, please out my first review HERE.

Friday, July 10, 2015

How to get "Reversible" Haircolor c/o Karei Spa PART I - How to Remove Temporary Hair Dye and Bleaching (Review)

So me and my sister went back to Karei Spa and Wellness Hub to have our hair bleached a second time. We waited around a month before going in for a second treatment. This time we brought color toners, and I brought my own veggie dye. Thanks to Karei I went from this:

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To this:

Interested? Read on!

FIRST PHASE: Removing Temporary Haircolor


If you have a previous haircolor, it would be best to wait for it to fade out or use a haircolor remover to lighten it before bleaching. Since I didn't have a haircolor remover I used a known DIY technique:


It works! I used one sachet of dandruff shampoo and 6 tablets of 500mg vitamin C tablets.

1. Crush the Vitamin C tablets and add shampoo. It should make a gooey paste that you can apply to damp hair. I don't suggest applying it to dripping wet hair so it won't drip down to your shoulders.

2. Carefully apply and massage the paste onto your hair.

!!IMPORTANT!! Please take care not to massage the formula onto your scalp!

3. Wrap your hair or wear a shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour. Make sure to rinse it off if itching occurs!

4. Use conditioner. This is important. This process isn't as damaging as bleaching, but it does dry up your hair. So please remember to use a conditioner or a hair treatment to get some moisture back in your locks.

I used this DIY haircolor remover 3x and my color turned from mint green (faded from regular washing) to a medium brown in a few days! I waited a day before I repeated the process. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture since my the flash drive where I saved my pictures got corrupted. Apologies! Here's a pic of my hair where you can see the result of this concoction:

No trace of green!

Mirror Shot
It's important to take care of your hair in between bleaching session for tips on how to get your hair bleach-ready, please head on over to my first review of Karei Spa HERE. They used their cream bleach on my hair while they used a Lightener for my sister's hair. The colorist didn't really explain why she made this decision though.

Underlayer - Before

The issue with underlayer coloring is that it'll be difficult to section the underlayer off perfectly. I had to relent with a few strands of black hair being getting included in the bleaching. These strands are the dark browns in the picture below:

After Bleaching
Well Color Charm in T14 and T18

Bought at Four Strings at Cubao X
I bought Wella Color Charm toner from Four Strings at Cubao Expo. I would have ordered it directly from Rainbowhead, but my sister wanted to go to the salon in 2 days and we weren't sure when the order would arrive. Take note that the Rainbowhead products would be priced higher if you buy it at Four Strings/Mad Kahuna. I also asked for an OR and got a petty cash voucher instead.

Since my sister's hair turned out lighter after the bleach, I had her use the Wella Color Charm T18 while I used the T14.

T14 in action
It may look like the toner is actually making my hair darker, but the longer you leave it on the lighter the color will be. I left mine in for a little over 30 minutes.

T18 in action
T18 is a little purplish as you can see in the above pic. My sister also used the DIY haircolor remover but she wasn't able to get some of the red out from her fringe. You can actually see it in this picture.

The color toner removed the orange-red tones from our hair!

Goodbye Blorange thanks to T14

Bleached Hair - Ashy color thanks to T18
After bleaching the next phase would be coloring. Watch out for PART II of this post!

For a copy of their brochure, please out my first review HERE.

Karei Spa and Wellness Hub
Park Avenue, cor. Harrison St., Vermont Park Subd., Marcos Highway
Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City
Store Hours: TUE to SUN from 10 AM - 10 PM
Tel No.: (02) 754 4638
Mobile No.: (+63) 920 920 4713