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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Brow Studio - A Brow Design Ensogo voucher Review

Ensogo [Source]

I've been a regular customer of Ensogo Philippines and other group buying sites. So far, my experiences have been positive. I've received authentic products in good condition, and have been able to claim service vouchers/coupons without hidden charges.

Last year, I bought The Brow Studio
Package from Ensogo at 50% for only 349 PHP. I've been putting it off for a few months now, but the voucher expires at the end of this month so I decided to bite the bullet!

The Brow Studio [Source]
Vouchers usually require customers to make reservations and set appointments. This is the same for The Brow Studio voucher from Ensogo. I called the Shopwise Araneta branch last Jan 11th to schedule an appointment for Jan 14th. All The Brow Studio contact info can be found on their About section of their Facebook Page. Unfortunately, no one was answering their phone. So I sent them an email, and posted on their Fb wall.

They replied to my comment within the day, and helped me set an appointment. The email was answered after 2 days. I would suggest contacting them via Facebook if you can't contact them via phone.
I arrived at the Shopwise Araneta branch after 12 noon. I gave them a printed copy of my Ensogo voucher, and filled out a log sheet. While waiting I took 2 pics:

The Brow Studio Flyer

The Brow Studio couches
The service I purchased is for Brow Design which the Ensogo page describes as:
  • Brow Design is the process of assessing, reshaping and discovering the perfect arch for your facial features.

I make it a point to do a bit of research before I purchase products and services. Needless to say, I've read a few The Brow Studio reviews. Three of the blogs I've read mentioned the Brow Rx [1][2][3]. It's a mock up of a doctor's prescription sheet, only it's for eyebrows! It's used by The Brow Studio designer as a guide to show the client the eyebrow shape that best compliments their facial features. It also has info about brow prescription and reminders.

I am unsure if the other blog reviews just excluded the Brow Rx or if they weren't given one at all. In my case, after the brow designer was finished setting up, she asked me to sit on the couch without giving me a Brow Rx. I must admit I expected her to at least ask me if I'm familiar with the procedure, and then explain what shape she's going for.


Before she started though, I asked her to help me take Before photos:



Look at those caterpillars! I let them grow out for a few weeks for a more dramatic result. 


While it was my first threading experience, I have tried plucking my eyebrows before. How does it feel? Threading feels like plucking a few strands at a time! Whenever I pluck my eyebrows, I can't help but cry. It's not that the pain is intolerable, it's just how I my body reacts. I apologized to the brow designer, and her response was to crack jokes that made me a lot more comfortable ("Tiis ganda ma'am!).

I also thought when you get your eyebrows threaded you'll just sit there and enjoy endure the procedure. Turns out, sometimes client participation is needed! I was asked to lift my eyebrows and pull down the corner of my eye a little bit. Heh. Things you learn! 

My brow designer provided feedback during the threading. She told me that my eyebrows look thick because I had long and thick strands. The strands are spaced apart that she can't trim it much or it would end up looking patchy.



Don't be alarmed by the redness and the swelling. It's normal. Other reviewers experienced it too (in varying degrees). Mine's probably the "worst" I've seen, but that's because I have sensitive skin. The redness went away after 3 hours.

Before I left, I asked them about the my sessions of Brow Clean-up. My brow designer said I can come in every 2 weeks. I now have a record with them so I don't need to provide another copy of the voucher.

Ensogo has been selling The Brow Studio vouchers since 2013. If you're looking for an excuse to try The Brow Studio, follow Ensogo and watch out for another voucher sale. Then again, the Brow Design's regular price is 328 PHP. You can always come in and have that done, then just maintain your brows yourself. It's worth the money!

I'm already looking forward to  my next visit. I'm hoping the next sessions wouldn't make me cry as much! Have you tried The Brow Studio's services? Where do you get your eyebrows done? Tell me about it below!

The Brow Studio
2nd Flr. Bridgeway
Shopwise Araneta Cubao Q.C.
Mobile: (+63) 932 866 3224



    Note: If it's just possible to put NEGATIVE STARS on this review, I would. They DON'T even deserve a one-star rating.

    I availed their IPL package for underarm but I wasn't even able to finish the said package which is composed of 8 treatments. Why? Here's my experience:

    After my last treatment, I was able to observe some red spots but I just ignored it for awhile because this usually happens after the treatment. It's like the skin is reddish in color but it's usually a normal reaction of the skin after the IPL treatment (this also happens after waxing). However, weeks have passed and the skin's discoloration have returned to normal but the red spots turned to Brown spots. I ignored the brown spots for awhile hoping that it would eventually fade, but it didn't. IT TURNED TO DARK BROWN SPOTS. That's the time I was alarmed. Almost 4 weeks of skin recovery, I took a step and used Vitamin E. After a few days, the dark brown spots became smoother (they were very dry before) and the spots became a tad lighter (The color before resembles a dark chocolate. Yes, that's how dark it was) but it's still VERY NOTICEABLE. I've done my research and I was able to verify that those DARK BROWN SPOTS WERE BURNT MARKS FROM THE IPL TREATMENT. Ironically, The Brow Studio even told me that Vitamin E was the culprit why I have dark brown spots on my underarm (I'm a medical course graduate and I specialize in medicine so I'm very knowledgeable what actions should I take and I'm very sure that Vitamin E doesn't darken your skin, particularly armpits.)

    I tried to contact The Brow Studio and they told me to go to their branch which I did and they told me they'll just keep in touch and update me because they'll call the main office first. I waited for days but they never contacted me so I decided to go there again to check if there's an update, but I got nothing. They just told me to wait because the supervisor is not there, (I went there twice but THE SUPERVISOR IS ALWAYS "NOT THERE") they'll still contact the main office, etc.

    To make the long story short, THE BROW STUDIO DON'T CARE IF THEIR CUSTOMER HAD BURNT MARKS AND WASN'T ABLE TO FINISH THE PACKAGE FROM THEIR IPL TREATMENT SINCE THEY ALREADY GOT THE FULL PAYMENT. I tried to text them, go to their office, and text them again but they didn't seem to care. The last time I texted, they DIDN'T EVEN REPLY.

    Would I recommend their treatment?

    NEVER. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. But if you want your underarms to resemble a Dalmatian, be my guest. And also, their IPL TREATMENT IS NOT EFFECTIVE. The underarm hair is still the same 100% (addition of dark brown spots which are burnt marks).

    P.S. I went to the dermatologist and asked about the burnt marks and they told me I would be needing to undergo some treatments. All in all, I would be spending 10,000 to 18,000 just to have my armpits the way they used to be.

  2. That's horrible! I'm appalled that they haven't taken responsibility for what happened to you. Have you tried posting it on their page? Merchants usually respond if it's posted on their page especially if it's with pictures. A while back wasn't there a similar case only it was laser treatment for leg hair?

  3. Yes! I posted on their page and they just asked what branch did I have my treatment done, etc. but after that they did not contact me anymore. It seems they just replied for the sake of "masabi lang na inacknowledge nila"

    It seems that their staff weren't well trained. I've heard alot of complaints about their IPL treatments. Apparently, they seem to burn the skin of their customers most of the time (if not all of the time) and they won't take responsibility for it.

  4. This happened to me with Lazada too. I posted on their FB page and linked my pics. They replied asked me to contact CS or PM them. I PMed and they didn't reply. I posted again. They replied again telling me to do the same thing. I attempted to contact them again via PM and nothing! You're right, sometimes they just publicly acknowledging the problem but they're not actually doing anything about it. They're hoping you just give up and let it slide.

    Here's a link: