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Friday, April 11, 2014

Where to Buy Dragon Ear Cuff in the Philippines? + Shop Review: Alembong Accessories

I was at the mall earlier this week when I overheard this conversation between two college students:

Dude: Pangarap ko yan nung high school eh! 
Dudette: Alin? 
Dude: Ayun oh. 
Dudette: San nakakabili? 
Dude: Hindi ko nga alam eh. Pero pangarap ko talga yan nung high school! Dati nga bumibili na lang ako ng dalawang hikaw tapos kunwari gagawin kong ganyan.

They were behind me on the escalator and they talked loud enough for me to hear. I'm not sure, but I'm willing to bet they were talking about the dragon ear cuff I was wearing that day. I would have told the dude where I bought mine had he asked me directly, but he didn't. 

One of the reasons why he probably wasn't able to buy an ear cuff since high school is because they're quite hard to find. Ear cuffs are usually not available in jewelry stores here in the Philippines. Even the ones that sell body piercing jewelry don't carry them (or at least the ones I've checked out). Another reason is because he didn't know what they're called. Some stores list them as ear wrap, ear ornaments, or cartilage cuff earrings even. 

Like this guy, I've wanted one for a while now. A while back, I've found a commitment-free dragon ear cuff at

Dragon Ear Cuff  by Think Geek

It's $37.99 + shipping. That's P1,551.45 + the headache of shipping from the US to the Philippines. Imagine going through the trouble of having a single item shipped from the US and then having it go through the Philippine Bureau of Customs. One day I shall have you! But not today, I'm afraid.

Last February, I did a search on dragon ear cuff and found:
Dragon Ear Cuff (P150) from Alembong Accessories' Facebook Page
Listed by the store Hanger Games on (As of writing, the website is now called and the store has only one advertisement listed on their member page. It's of a bag and not the dragon ear cuff.)

In the product description they mentioned their Facebook page: Alembong Accessories. I messaged them on Facebook after midnight (because night owl) and they replied within minutes! They were able to answer all my questions about the product. The shop even allowed me to pay through PayPal even though it wasn't listed as an accepted payment method in the description.

After they confirmed that they have received my payment (a few hours after I paid through PayPal) they shipped my order via Xend the next day. I got my package in two days!

Photos taken using my Cherry Mobile Flare HD:

Package delivered via Xend
Comes in Alsa Gulaman Crystal Clear Flavor Box! (jk)
Side by Side still in packaging
'Antique Gold'
'Antique Silver'
Side by Side
Front + Back
The dragon ear cuff is made of zinc alloy. Comes in two colors: Antique Gold and Antique Silver. The earrings are zinc-free and nickle-free. I have sensitive skin, but I haven't had an allergic reaction from these earrings at all. It's important to notoe that the ear cuffs are made only for the left ear. Did I try putting it on my right ear? N-no! But I'll say it would probably look silly.

Dude, if you're out there, make your high school dreams come true! Alembong Accessories is a great shop to buy ear cuffs from!

Alembong Accessories
Contact: (+63) 917 893 2881


  1. Wow, this is unexpected. Thank YOU! It was my utmost pleasure to have you as a customer. Keep rockin' those earrings, I'm sure they look awesome on you. :)