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Friday, May 02, 2014

Sun Broadband PISO SALE Unboxing and Review

PISO SALE poster
I saw this posted on the Sun Broadband Facebook Page last Tuesday. USB Modem or Wi-Fi Stick for only Php 1? Sounds good right? What's better is the plans that are eligible for the promo:

Source: [LINK]

What's so good about it?

1. You get a USB Modem or Wi-Fi Stick for Php 1

Normally, the devices cost Php 888 or Php 1,300 depending on the Plan you subscribe to. Of course you can get it for free, but that means you also get an extended Holding Period with your plan. Which brings us to the next one...

2. All plans have a 3 month Holding Period

The shortest Holding Period of other ISPs is 6 months and that's for a SIM only Plan. Their plans that come bundled with devices have a cashout fee along with a 24 month lock-in period.

3. Cheaper than Prepaid

30 Days of unlimited data costs Php 899 for prepaid subscribers while the only unlimited plan the Sun Broadband PISO SALE offers is Plan 699. This promo can save you anywhere from Php 200 up to Php 801.

4. Device Warranty

The Holding Period is 3 months, but the device warranty is good for one year!

Full disclosure: I've been using Sun Broadband prepaid for months now and the data signal where I'm at has been pretty decent. Taking all of that into consideration, I had to go for it!

My brother and I went to the Sun Shop at SM Masinag branch. The agent informed me they no longer have Wi-Fi sticks available and that they sold the last one the previous night. I asked when they're going to have more stock, she said wasn't advised about that and told me that they were only sent 10 pieces, and that the promo started last week. As she was trying to check out my subscription, the system didn't allow her to because it would only check out with those two specific devices that are on the flyer. She had another rep check out their stock room again and they magically found another Wi-Fi stick! I jokingly told her that it was 'meant to be'.

Excuse this little conspiracy theory, but I couldn't help but wonder what this meant:
c/o Sir Mark
I've read comments on articles regarding promos where employees would 'reserve' devices when in fact, companies have policies against their employees, including the employees' close relatives from participating in promos and/or contests. I hope I'm wrong. Regardless of what that means, I feel rather lucky that I was able to get the Plan and the device I wanted. Now onto the unboxing!

What's in the bag?

Sun Cellular Paper Bag

Sim card, Manual and the Wi-Fi Stick

What's in the box?

Manual, Warranty Card, Travel Charger and the Wi-Fi Stick

Travel Charger

In the past, Sun Cellular had advertised their Wi-Fi Stick to be used 'on the go' and packaged it with car chargers:

Since I don't drive, I feel truly lucky that my device came with this travel charger instead:


PSA: Please protect yourselves and do not post info such as MACs, IMEIs and S/Ns.

What they don't tell you...

Is that you need to deposit one month's worth into the account. Which was Php 699 for me. That plus the cost of the device (Php 1) totals to Php 700 that you need to fork over for the new application under the Sun Broadband PISO SALE. Something to take note before rushing to the participating Sun Shop branches. Click HERE for the list.

There you have it! The promo runs until the 30th of June. I'll update this post with results soon.

Are a Sun Broadband subscriber? Post your results below! Have you applied for a subscription under the PISO SALE promo? What device were you able to get? Comment below!