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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Get 'Anime' Hair at Karei Spa and Wellness Hub

Underlayer Hair Color
I've been all over underlayer hair color for a while now. Last year, I tried pulling it off with the lightest brown permanent hair color as a base instead of having my hair bleached, then I applied temporary hair color. This is the result:

Read about the Hair Story here.
Been rocking that for months until recently when I let the temporary color fade out. Been contemplating on having my hair bleached. Then last week my friend posted this:

Gine's Anime Hair (Purple) [Source]
Naturally, my envy kicked in and I had to have my hair bleached and colored too! There are a number of ways to get Anime hair. I'll name two for now: DIY it, or go to a salon. I haven't had my hair bleached before I chose to have it done professionally. Sure I've done my research on DIY hair bleaching, but for now let's leave it to the professionals yeah?

Getting ready to have my hair bleached!

Things to Know before getting your hair bleached

Have healthy hair and scalp

- Not all heads are 'bleach ready'. If your hair is too dry and/or damaged, your hair might need a few treatments and come back after a few weeks before the colorist can go ahead and bleach your hair. While that might sound like a money grab, you have to remember that bleaching is one of the strongest processes you can put your hair through. Your scalp health is important too! Make sure you have no wounds, scabs, zits or any abrasions before having your hair bleached.

There are things you can do at home improve the condition of your hair before bleaching:

  • Use hair conditioner everyday.
  • Apply hot oil/hair spa treatments at least once a week. 
  • If necessary, go get your hair trimmed first. Have a stylist snip off those split ends!

You might need to bleach your hair more than once

- It all depends on the level of blonde you're going for. The darker your natural hair color, the longer the bleach should allowed to process. Some colorists double or triple process instead of leaving the bleach for hours on hair. Some would ask clients to go back after a few weeks, while others will do it within the day.

Bleaching isn't painless

- If you've had your hair colored before you'll be familiar with the stinging sensation. The 'pain' should be tolerable though. If you feel burning or excessive itching, inform the colorist immediately.

The texture of your hair will change

- Bleaching strips your hair of color. Bleached hair will become more porous and 'swollen' and therefore more vulnerable to other chemical processes and heat damage. There are products that protect your hair from the harmful effects of bleaching (like Olaplex). But I've yet to hear a salon here in the Philippines that uses it.

Bleached hair is high maintenance

Because of the texture change, your hair will require more TLC than ever before.

What NOT to do when getting your hair bleached

Do NOT lie to your colorist.

- Absolutely under no circumstances should you lie to your colorist. A colorist that knows what they're doing will ask for your hair history. Please for your hair's sake do NOT lie! Colorists need to know if your hair has undergone any chemical treatments like: perm, relax, rebond and/or color. They would also need to know how long ago you had these treatments.

Now that's out of the way...

Last Friday, I went to Karei Spa and Wellness Hub to have my hair bleached and colored. The colorist asked about my hair history and what I told her what I wanted done to my hair. I personally didn't need to show pics for reference, but it would be advisable to bring some in case you're not going for the traditional full head, ombre or underlayer styles.

When I was there, the available colors were blue, red, and purple. I was hoping pink would be available! They did say they are expecting more colors to be shipped in soon. Best to call in and ask for availability and save yourself a trip.

While I was envious of my friend's full head color, I still went for the underlayer look. I should mention that Karei Spa uses cream bleach and not powder bleach. Some claim cream bleach is safer and less damaging compared to powder bleach. I haven't been bleached before so I can't compare. I did expect the bleach to sting a little more compared to when I have my hair colored, but it wasn't more painful at all. It must be the cream bleach right?

One thing I loved about Karei Spa is that I know I got what I paid for. Because I have thick hair, I had to pay for a whole tube of cream bleach. They showed me the box. I saw them take the bleach out of the box, and squeezed all of it onto the mixing bowl, then they added developer and it was prepared it in front of me.

During bleaching 
This picture was taken around 20 minutes in. You'll see that the lengths at the back are still brown. Those are the layers of my hair that had permanent color in them. Notice that the layer above my left ear is a lighter shade. If you're going for a pastel or a vibrant color, you need to aim for a lighter color than what you're seeing here. A pale yellow is best. Think: the inside of a banana.

After the bleach was rinsed out, the color was applied. Like I said earlier, products were prepared in front of me. I saw them mix the blue color with a developer. This is kind of color is called demi-permanent color which supposedly lasts a lil longer than temporary hair color. Temporary hair color (like the Shine Moist Henna Wax Color Treatment and Manic Panic) doesn't use developer to deposit the color onto hair.

Blue hair color 

The color turned out a little blue-green! This is probably because there were yellow tones left in my hair. I could have had my hair double processed or left the bleach in a little longer. Another option would be to use a Pale Ash/Lighest Ash Blonde toner to remove the yellow tones in my hair. Not what I expected, but I love how it turned out! I like this color better than solid blue. Most of it is teal or seafoam green. The different shades of blue and green gives it dimension.

My sister came in after an hour and had hers done too. She had full head color with highlights. She also has thinner hair than I do. Here's how her bleach came out:

After bleaching
Purple color
While I was waiting for my sister to finish up, I took pics of the spa. I actually can't find some of the pics I took! ^_^; I'll update this post when I drop by Karei Spa again.

Karei Spa Eyebrow Tattoo Shapes
How much does it cost to get 'Anime' hair at Karei Spa?

Price starts at 1,500 Php. It will depend on how much product is used on your hair. To compare, my sister's full head color with highlights (with bleaching) cost almost 5,000 Php at David's Salon.

Both of our coloring cost less than 4k! Want to know how much yours would cost? Drop by Karei Spa for a quote. They have free consultation! Before I go, here are more pictures:

These were taken the next day:

Here you can actually see a strand on top of my head that's blue.

Here you can see more of the different shades of blue and green on my hair. The bottom right strands have streaks of a lighter green.

I wet my hair after 3 days. I could feel the difference of bleached hair. It was only letting cold water run through my hair but it was getting tangled easily. On the 4th day I started using conditioner again. I used shampoo on it on Day 5. I did notice some color bleeding. But it's minimal compared to temporary hair dye. Now that I've been using Pantene's 3MM Conditioner. My hair 'feels' like it's back to normal. It's soft and silky again! Doesn't tangle as easily and I can comb it using just my fingers again! If you haven't tried this amazing product yet, you should! Read my review HERE.

Tips for taking care of bleached hair:
  • Use hair conditioner everyday
  • Avoid using shampoos and conditioners with Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLS. There are sides that argue for and against SLS, but here's a fact: SLS will make your hair color fade faster. This is also true for dandruff shampoos. Consider using dry shampoo.
  • Do not brush or pull on your hair roughly
  • Detangle hair starting on the ends working up to your roots
  • Use heat styling protection on your hair before using blow dryers, and curling/flat irons. Overheating and drying bleached hair reduces moisture and elasticity.

Flyer (front)

Flyer (inside)

Flyer (back)

Karei Spa and Wellness Hub
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